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I really need to stop following up news updates. I tried to give myself plenty of time to get ready for work today, but Mom got up early just so she could get angry at me for trying to maintain my jobs.

My brother is out of one of his medications and she is running out of insulin.
"You said that you could have that delivered."
"Not in-time!"

So, I need to reschedule one of my teletherapy sessions and Mom had me dig out one of her old dust masks, even though I have a respirator.

We only have two dust masks left and we still have weeks left of this getting worse.

I keep seeing articles about security issues with Zoom. The state of New York told their schools to not use it, so I asked that supervisor.

"We haven't been told not to!"

Way to be proactive, Ma'am.

"I still need to talk to you!"

When is she going to stop telling me that she needs to talk to me and actually say what she feels she needs to while we are already talking?

While I was trying to find two articles that popped up on my computer I saw the link for ten makeshift home offices.

I am sitting in my shed. I think that I have seen enough.
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