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One person can search the other person's computer through Zoom?

That supervisor forwarded an e-mail from another therapist with a list of changes that she wanted us to make in order to make Zoom more secure.

She clearly isn't a computer person, whenever I see a computer person tell someone to do something, they give them the steps!

For each and every thing I needed to look up how to change it, half of the time the menu had changed since Zoom wrote instructions, and often the default setting was allegedly the correct one.

Also, she wrote "Disable `File-Transfer' so there is no digital virus sharing."

Who says "Digital virus?!"

I did not worry about that e-mail last week because I was not doing Zoom again. Unfortunately, between trying to figure out how to get my family their prescriptions and reading those articles I did not leave myself enough time to adjust Zoom.

Then again, it would have been much faster had they give proper instructions.

I sent out the meeting invitation for my 09 student, but did not hear back. I would have called, but I was still trying to secure the system. Now I am waiting to hear back from my 0930 student, while trying to figure out what else I am missing.

I am trying to take care of many things, but one priority is maximizing my video quality, which is why we had a discussion on lighting. The local news keeps video chatting with people and I am surprised that wealthy people often have terrible lighting. It does not help that for whatever reason, instead of just showing the video from Facetime or whatever, they always show the iPhone and its screen, which just looks terrible:

Also, how are you guys sleeping? I did terribly last week until I bought Safeway's version of Zzzquil:

I had tried just melatonin, but it did not seem to help, and I mostly tossed and turned until I decided to give up and try to accomplish things. Now I am sleeping seven or eight hours, but I still feel tired all day.

I am pretty sure that I am depressed, too.

I went grocery shopping on Friday and that was the list that Mom made, although she remembered things that she had wanted after I came home. I also lost the list halfway through, so I wish that I had taken a proper picture of it, or at least remembered that it was in th--

Legend says it is still on that shelf to this day.

I felt confident that I remembered everything from the front because I went through the entire list several times trying to organize my trip, but I called Mom.

I need to remind her to keep a list for this Friday or whenever we cannot wait any longer.

We just need medicine today and if I use the drive-through I will minimize exposure.

Would the dust mask protect me better than my respirator?

Last distraction [for now]! There are about ten dead wasps in my shop vacuum! This shed used to be a dog house, but I also regularly dealt with wasp infestations. I removed several small hives, but I keep finding wasps in the same spot, even though there is not a hive there or anywhere that I can find. I keep hearing or seeing the shadow of something flying behind my head and dropping what I am doing to try to find it!
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