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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Also, how are you guys sleeping? I did terribly last week until I bought Safeway's version of Zzzquil
I'm sleeping really well - better than normal. I'm waking up about 6 - 6:30 am without an alarm. Start my work day at 7:00. Done with work at 3:30 pm. I do a 30-40 minute run during the day and another one in the afternoon.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Would the dust mask protect me better than my respirator?
Depends on what dusk mask you are using. A properly fitted N95 dusk mask should be just as effective as a properly fitted respirator with N95 filters. If they aren't fitted right or you don't take them off properly the effectiveness drops dramatically. Same with gloves. They don't do much of anything if you don't take them off right.

A respirator does nothing to protect others if you have the virus. The exhaust valve is not filtered. Same with a N95 mask with a one-way valve.

Even a bandanna, homemade mask or paper surgical mask would be better to protect others.
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