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Texas' largest solar photovoltaic farm

Had some slaughtered beef brisket BBQ Saturday in Kermit, Texas.Drove there in a plug-in hybrid.I'd asked the restaurant owner David if he'd heard of the Lapetus Solar PV farm,in Andrews County,Texas.He said that he had,then mentioned an even larger,Texas' largest farm, going in near Midland,in the Permian Basin,Texas' largest onshore oil producing region.
I just looked it up.It's called the Roadrunner solar project,Upton County,Texas,497-MW/h,expected to generate an estimated 1.2 TW/h annually,with a 42-MW/h battery installed at the facility.I never hear about things like this from commercial media.Only by accident,through the grapevine.
Aliens also landed on the White House Saturday,but didn't make the news.

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