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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
I drove my TDI 8663 miles last year and burned 233 gallons of diesel. Saving a buck a gallon would save me $4.50 a week. For my limited use I can't see it being worth the hassle and cost for storage equipment.
Understand - I started using GasBuddy app to find cheaper gas - I've found Diesel for $0.70 a gallon cheaper at one station vs another just local to my house!

I drive (or used to before COVID) 15k to 20k miles per year - a fair number of those with the boat behind the boat. A buck a gallon will

15k miles @ 25mpg = 600 gallons

@$2.00 per gallon that's $1200 per year
@$3.00 per gallon that's $1800 per year

So $1 per gallon (assuming I only drive 15k miles & I average 25 mpg) will save me $600 per year.

$600 is worth trying to save some. I can only store 100 gallons - so it's not like I can store a year's worth of fuel for a couple years (not yet anyway). But it's a start.

I also use diesel in my tractor - so I always have some fuel in the garage.

I'm finding now that my real issue is having all this diesel laying around I tend to use it - I have a couple of fire pits - one is just an old stump I'm trying to burn out & the other is just a burn pile where I toss trees & sticks that fall over (I tend to lose one big tree a year). I prefer to light those with diesel as it doesn't explode on me - so I've already used 10 gallons just in trying to burn the stump.
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