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Originally Posted by MeteorGray View Post
Yeah, being an old guy growing up in the 1950s, it's hard for me to pour 0W20 in my Mazda's crankcase. When I first started changing my family's oil, we were using straight 30W or 10W30 and 10W40. Heck, I still use 15W40 in my '96 F250 diesel. So the 0W20 is a big change for me.
I guess we're both just old school. I grew up in the '60-70's. I too remember when dad used 30W in his car and changed it every 1K miles if I remember correctly. When he traded for a new Mercury Montego in 1968 I think that's when he started using multi viscosity oil. At the time the recommended fill for new Fords was Motorcraft 20w40 at 6K mile intervals. After awhile dad started using 10w40 and continued to use it for years until he finally went to 10w30 on a 1999 Grand Marquis the last car he had before his death and the one mom still owns. I bought my first car in 1977. I started using 10w40 in it and for the most part I've been running 10w40 ever since. I've used various brands over the years. Usually when I buy oil I buy it on sale and buy several cases at a time so I may run 50-100K miles on the same oil then change to another brand that I've found at a good deal. The oil I'm using in my Versa is Citgo Supergard that I bought probably 15-20 years ago at a store grand opening at 2qts./$1. I haven't done a count on it lately but I've probably still got 3-4 cases of it. At 3.2qts. per 5-6K mile change interval a case will last approximately 20-24K miles. Nissan recommends 5K mile change intervals but when I drain the oil if I get some of it on my hands it's still just a dark honey color, nowhere near black and feels like it's still got great lubrication properties. I don't do oil analysis on my oil but if I did I'd be willing to bet they wouldn't recommend an oil change no more often than 7500. Someone on another forum told me he did 9K mile intervals on 10w40 conventional and his engines outlasted the rest of the car.

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