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Accelerating with the TDI:
Always depending on size of the engine. A decent 4, or large 5 or 6 cilinder will need less revs. But with every turbo charged engine, to little revs are as bad as too much.
For me - the little TDI - It's pointless to rev it under 1.500 rpm during accelerating. There is no turbo pressure underneath and accelerating will take too much time. The most economic way to accelerate with a small TDI: give enough throttle -> 3/4 is ideal. Never pedal to he metal, only if it's really necessary. Rev it up quickly to 2.200 rpm and upshift. Reving it above 2.500 rpm - in normal circumstances - is pointless. The 'cheapest', most effective power is concentrated between 1.500 - 2.500 rpm.

Once at speed:
It is possible to maintain very low speed in highest gear (less than 1500 rpm or under 50 mph), but when you need to accelerate again, you'll give the engine a hard time. Also taking into account of the size of your engine, a smaller engine will love some higher revs. Due to the extended 4th and 5th gear with recent cars, it turned out better to downshift from 5th to 4th when the speed drops under 45 MPH and to maintain it in 4th gear. It shows no difference in consumption on the on-board computer compared to the highest gear.

Skoda Fabia Estate R3 1.2 CRTDI
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