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The dwarf bread was brought out for inspection. But it was miraculous, the dwarf bread. No one ever went hungry when they had some dwarf bread to avoid. You only had to look at it for a moment, and instantly you could think of dozens of things you'd rather eat. Your boots, for example. Mountains. Raw sheep. Your own foot.
"Bet it's a long time since you've had proper dwarf bread, then," said Granny.
The spokesdwarf's eyes misted over.
"Baked from the finest stone-ground grit, just like mother used to jump up and down on it," Granny went on.
A sort of collective sigh went up from the dwarfs.
"you just can't get it down here," said the spokesdwarf, to the ground. "It's the water, or something. It falls to bits after hardly any years at all."
"They puts flour in it," said someone behind him, sourly.
"It's worse'n that. The baker over in Genua puts dried fruit in it," said another dwarf.
"Well, now," said Granny, rubbing her hands together, "I may be able to help you here. Could be I've got some dwarf bread to spare."
"Nah. Not proper dwarf bread, " said the spokesdwarf moodily. "Proper dwarf bread's got to be dropped in rivers and dried out and sat on and left and looked at every day and put away again. You just can't get it down here."
"This could be," said Granny Weatherwax, "your lucky day."
"To be frank," said Nanny Ogg, "I think the cat pissed on some of it."
The spokesdwarf looked up, his eyes aglow.
"Hot damn!"
I could not find any nationwide using AutoTempest and OfferUp.
"Oh if you use math, reason, and logic you will be hated."--OilPan4
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