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So, first off, HUGE shout out to Daox for helping me finish the side mirror mounting plate. He used a photo with measurements to create the final version (probably) of the mounting plate:

I never thought to use a drawing to create a sketch in CAD but it seems obvious now. I will definitely be learning this trick.

Also, finally got coastdown times. It took a while, since Central Texas is nothing but hills, but I managed to knock it out after work; we're out in the sticks and it's a little flatter here.

You can definitely see the hills at work with the coastdown times. I started at 50 mph and went down to 25 mph (before running out of road). This A-run was done with a full tank and an empty car, which will be the standard for the B-A tests moving on.

My graph and trials:

Author's graphs and trial:

With a little math, I figured my average deacceleration was .1597 m/s^2 versus the author's, which was .2103 m/s^2. Looks like momentum kept my coastdown time up, compared to the author's, but this is just to satisfy my curiosity. Obviously, I'll only be comparing to myself from here on out.

I'll start printing another prototpye side mirror plate to check fit tonight and, if everything looks right, I'll start the final product's print Saturday morning. I'll set it up for 4mm wall thickness and 25% infill. After baking it, it should be plenty hard enough to stand up to the outdoors.
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