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Originally Posted by Chonk_Master View Post
I suspect that by the time you did this, you could've just swapped in an auto transmission. It looks like that, roughly, is a 6 kmpl drop in efficiency, though (about 3 mpg).

Tough call. Anything is possible, it's just a matter of paying for it and designing it. You'd need a heck of a motor to push the clutch in all the way, I'd imagine. That could be negated a bit with gearing or a lever arm but even then. It's probably a tight fight under the dash of that thing.

If there's no factory AMT, I wouldn't pursue it. Building your own would be about as complicated as installing an auto, maybe even moreso.

I've never heard of either being done, nor could I find an example. Everything I looked at was swapping manual > auto or vice versa.
Hi. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately there is no amt for this model. It does come with a not so efficient 4speed auto, however all mechanics I spoke to have dissuaded me from doing it citing mounting points incompatibility. So my options are limited now.
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