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The inside diameter (12, 13, 14, 15, 16 ,17) doesn't really matter. It's the outside diameter that counts!

For instance, a 185/65-14 tire has the same outside diameter as a 205/40-17 tire, hence the same revolutions per mile, and the same RPM. This is a common upgrade for Honda CiViC owners - going to 205/40-17.


Sorry! I just reread your post.

I guess we were using the same hypothetical...

So, using my example, the question becomes: Will a narrower, normal profile 185/65-14 tire give better FE than an identical outside diameter, but wider, low profile 205/40-17 tire?

I would *guess* the answer is yes... but that's just an 'educated' opinion based on participating on several Honda blogs over the years! Lower FE is a common complaint with Honda CiViC owners that switch to 17s.

Nobody gets the mileage I do with a B16A2 - I gotta be World Champ - and I credit a large part of my success to running a lighter, narrower, tire than 'normal' @ 50 PSI, and an even lighter right foot!
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