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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Drive an electric, if electric wasn't a viable option then they would drive a small diesel car.
In the end, going all-electric might not make so much sense at all. Either biodiesel, ethanol or biomethane provide a better opportunity to close the carbon and nitrogen cycle than leaving raw materials rotting away venting methane and other compounds directly to the atmosphere.

Never use air travel.
Sure it's more complex when it comes to aircraft with a pressurized cabin, but with smaller piston-engined aircraft it's often easier to keep control of emissions. The problem is more bureaucratic than technical. On the other hand, in some regions air travel is actually more cost-effective and with lower emissions than other forms of transportation.

Have solar panels, not excuses.
I have already considered to install a roof-mounted wind power generator in my grandma's house, as it would be presumably easier and cheaper to make one repurposing an alternator.

Grow some of their own food, even if it's just one kind of herb, a spice, a single tomato plant, ect.
Just like the Victory Gardens during WWII? I have already considered trying something similar, even though it's not so easy to implement in a small apartment. Well, maybe if composting toilets were more widely accepted, it would've been an excuse to try growing some berries, herbs and spices.

Not use natural gas or propane.
I'm not unfavorable to natural gas in an engine with multi-port sequential injection, plus it can eventually be replaced with biomethane.
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