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Either biodiesel, ethanol or biomethane provide a better opportunity to close the carbon and nitrogen cycle than leaving raw materials rotting away venting methane and other compounds directly to the atmosphere.
Absent hydrothermal or tidal power and bio-char, then yes.
On the other hand, in some regions air travel is actually more cost-effective and with lower emissions than other forms of transportation.
Bucky Fuller: "Tracked to trackless, wired to wireless"
I have already considered to install a roof-mounted wind power generator in my grandma's house, as it would be presumably easier and cheaper to make one repurposing an alternator.
Figure of speech, I presume; but I'm greatly in favor of indoor windmills. Would y'all like to know more?

Be wary of attaching a mast to the wall of the house, the vibration might turn the wall into a drum-head or perform an unscheduled disassembly.

Consider a vertical axis with a tuned mass vibrational damper. Here's a link to some of the good work of fellow ecomodder-er, Julian Edgar: big driving lights, Part 2
A Tuned Mass Damper needs to use a minimum mass about 10 per cent of the total mass of the main system, and as already said, it needs to have a resonant frequency about the same as the main system.
Put the rotor above a skylight opening and a battery/controller box inside out of the weather.

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