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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
Yes, flying is massively wasteful way to get from San Diego to LA but it is the ecological way to get from San Diego to NYC or Tokyo.

Air travel is more energy efficient than driving for long distance travel and way more efficient than ocean liners for transoceanic travel.
I was considering some places in Amazon where access is easier by boat or aircraft than by Jeep

The usage of regular unleaded gasoline for aircraft in Brazil is illegal, even though it happens quite often. Well, considering not only that unleaded gasoline and ethanol can be used in engines fitted with catalytic converters, which are absent on small aircraft even when they're dedicated-ethanol such as some versions of the Embraer Ipanema cropduster, it's also worth to notice the low compression ratio which most of the Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines feature wouldn't be so troublesome with regular unleaded gasoline.

On a sidenote, for some crops it's better to rely on cropdusting by aircraft due to the lower compactation of the soil.
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