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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
The angriest driver I've ever seen was a guy behind me in a truck while I was coasting up to a red light. He was literally screaming at me and gesticulating through his windshield - yet there was nowhere else he could have gone, except to this red light.

Fortunately that's only happened once to me - oh, and it was in Toronto (I generally don't see road rage around here).
Your lucky! The one I remember best is when I was braking for a light about to go red, the yellow was very stale and I knew it was about to change, when I heard the screeching of tires behind me. This idiot, no kinder way to to put it, changed lanes into the left turn lane and blew through what was then a red light. As this was the morning commute it could hardly be blamed on work stress or rushing home, so could only be some form of lunacy.
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