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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I have not found an SLPA job in California that pays as well my agency does in Phoenix, but Arizona pays significantly better the more rural your area is. In theory my clients are further away, but I am not dealing with traffic, accidents, and ridiculous heat.

If I maintained thirty clients a week I would earn over $100,000 a year, but right now I can only see six, while a lady started working in the area and had over twenty clients almost immediately with another agency [that pays significantly better].

I am checking again. Not only are most of the California salaries lower than my agency pays, they are lower than I see other agencies advertising in Phoenix, until this: $45,150 - $58,050 a year.

It is a clinic. Those almost always pay better.

Maricopa Public Schools is offering $58,500. Last year it was more like $48,000, but they are far enough away that I wouldn't say they are in the valley....
I'm curious if these are real salaries (A guaranteed yearly wage) - or something you are calculating based on an hourly rate. It seems the root of your problem is that you haven't been able to even work 1/2 time in your current job / location. So a lower hourly rate at another job but full time hours could put you ahead of the game especially if that new job was a W2 job with benefits.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I could ask to be a full-time teacher and teach while I obtain my credentials.
Sounds like a plan. Guaranteed hours, retirement, medical insurance, paid sick time....

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