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Originally Posted by Tahoe_Hybrid View Post
Not if the higher octane is running on summer fuel it's easy to tell if the 91/93 is on summer fuel still as the price will be 20/30 cents more then 87 octane

i.e 87 is 2.599 gallon while 89 and 91 is 2.799/2.899

summer fuel normally nets 2-3mpg more then winter fuel..

example Costs;"
Around here

87e10 -$0.95
87e0 - $1.25
88e15- $0.92
91e10- $1.65

I donít think the op is worried about cost,
Also the thread pointed to someone who used diesel in his gasoline truck for many years without issue besides higher fuel economy

Generally smaller amounts of modern diesel in gas will not have any detectable affect on emissions .

In the 80ís you could buy mileage master gas that had diesel mixed in right at the pump.
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