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Originally Posted by BlackDeuceCoupe View Post
As the tire size goes up, you can actually end up with a smaller diameter tire, e.g. higher RPM at the same speed - not less!
hey as the tire size goes up, the diameter goes down, Yes it says that. heavyier cars get better gas milage, as long as they are going downhill, Hey a very unaerodynamic car can get better gas milage than others, if u have a very strong tailwind. i know blogs are impersonal and its easy to seem rude and pompas. when somebody asks u what size tires u run on ur car, do u say 13,s or 22.75. Cant somebody use some common sense. I realize that my first post did state that rpms and speed are equal, that would maybe implie that diameter is equal, the third post stated that we are talking standard sizes and changing gears to make rpms equal as the diameter changes. I didnt really need to know how to figure tire diameter. Hey dave does point out the a 12 inch rim is 12 inches. I was really glad of that.
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