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Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
Not strictly on using the throttle-stop method, but this testing from today shows why I won't be testing rear diffuser strakes, side skirts or underfloor vortex generators when I do the throttle stop testing (probably tomorrow).

I didn't see enough info in the the video to agree with the stated conclusion of the test.

For example, the strakes seemed to have much wider spacing then is the norm, I am not convinced measuring pressure at a single point is reliable to ascertain what I think is really happening with the entire system, which is the goal (?), rather then a single point, and the two PW taped squares purpose was not explained. My assumption, they were the bases that held the strakes being tested, so they had an unknown thickness, and they likely disrupted the under airflow, like a spoiler would, and to what to degree, I don't know, but a test with no strakes and PW only, would have resolved that question, for that single point of air pressure test measurement.
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