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Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
I just did a good throttle-stop testing session. Ideal conditions - 13 degrees C, no wind, 30 per cent throttle. To give some idea of the consistency that is achievable, I did three tests of the car in its standard configuration (ie with undertrays and rear wing). One at the beginning, one at the middle and one at the end of the 40 minute test session. The results (km/h) were:
  • 103
  • 104
  • 104

I am therefore using an average of 103.5 km/h as the reference.

Results of testing were:
  • No rear spats - 104
  • Vertical front winglets 40mm gap - 103.5
  • Vertical front winglets 20mm gap - 105
  • Edgarwit front air curtains 40mm gap - 106
  • Edgarwit front air curtains 20mm gap - 107.5
  • Rear vertical spoiler lip 35mm - 102.5
  • Windows open - 101
Have you tried testing with a scangauge or other similar device? Measuring to .1mpg should give you around 7x the resolution for an insight vs kmph.
When i tried testing wheel covers my results kept trending upwards, which I think would have been lost along with any result, if not for greater resolution.
Do you have thoughts as to why in this more recent test, windows down produced 101kmph from a baseline of 103.5, while in an earlier video showed 98 from a baseline of 104?
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