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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
You seem to think I am arguing it is not a good method because I am pointing out how variables still apply. I've already told you I like what you've done here, and I plan to try it. But whether I have or do has no bearing on the relevance of variables, and anyone who wants to try what you are suggesting should think about them.

Sounds great. I'm reticent to ask you any question, though, or try to discuss any of this, because you seem to get defensive. You seem uninterested in conversation. So good luck. I'll be curious what you come up with.
I am always a bit irritated by the 'I haven't done it, but here's all the problems I think it will have' type of post. Do it, and then we can have a discussion about what really happens, not what you think might happen.
Modifying the Aerodynamics of Your Road Car

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