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Just added a 2016 SPARK EV to the stable a couple weeks ago.

With all the covid worries,, Its unknown how long the paperwork will take.

Salsa red this time.. Its not quite as roomy as the Honda was paid 8800 with 20K on it.
So far getting something in the area of 90 miles out of it if the temps are above 55.

Its actually a little faster than the Honda, and the Regen is way more active. It easily pushes 25KW on a steep (~7%) down hill at highway speeds.. Accelerating it pulls 120KW out of the batteries is the dash is even close to correct. 0-60 is about 7/7.5 seconds.

You can tell the water temp regulated battery pack is a good thing,, in the morning with a short warmup while on the level 2 it seems to maintain available power better.

back soon.
If it has a motor its worth playing with.......
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