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Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
I donít think there is a norm for diffuser strake separation. Iíve seen it vary very widely.

What does PW mean?

Given the likely thickness of the boundary layer at the rear of the car, I wouldnít expect minor discontinuities to have any impact.
Yes PW =plywood, is that what is in your test?

"Norm" being more those that are by professionals for wind tested applications vs those like some of us shade tree aero wannebe's. And even with a wide diversity in designs, from experiences, they usually fall into a 6-8" strake separation, yours looked wider, and hence my comment, and I am still in the dark as to what the separation was in your test.

If that boundary layer is that deep at that location, I suspect it's not a prime candidate for smaller strakes to begin with.

"Minor" is rather subjective, and it would have been straight forward to determine, if a test had been made without strakes and PW only, to better support your stated conclusion.
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