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So, I think it was aerohead that mentioned it somewhere: the few times that Honda has released cross sectional frontal surface area, it fell to within 75%(?) of absolute height x width.

The Crosstour is tall-ish, compared to it's width, but I don't think it's ~50% tall. It's not that rectangular. Of course, without more Hondas to check against, it might not be crazy far off. Also, holy ****, the planimeter! TIL.

Anyways, small update: still tackling side mirror design. The fact is, I'm teaching my self CAD on FreeCAD, two things that do not make for fast, efficient production. I've also toyed with other manufacturing methods (like making a mold of the factory mount, sans mirror, with a vacuum former and filling that mold with high strength epoxy) but it's looking like a CADded, 3D printed version would be most efficient. I'm also thinking I'll be vastly simplifying the design versus OEM, since the prototype doesn't need to mount the same way. More on that later.

MPG is now sitting just under 22 MPG (21.54). It was just under 23 but I had a weird drop, tank before last, down to 19 MPG, so that definitely dragged the local average down.
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