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CVT swap? (Into 2005 Civic, replacing 4-spd auto)

Hello everyone, I am wondering what y'all think of replacing my 2005 Civic's 4 speed auto with a CVT from a Civic Ferio, EU3, or HX. I am wondering what effect this swap would have on MPG and acceleration compared to the 4 speed auto.

I already looked to see what I would need to change to swap to a CVT and I found that the swap would actually be pretty simple. The sub frame, axles, and mounts are the same, so the CVT would bolt right in just like the auto did. Sweet! The only things I would need to change would be the ECU and wiring harness and maybe the shifter and shifter cable, so nothing too bad or expensive. Much simpler and cheaper than converting to a manual transmission since I wouldn't have to install a clutch pedal and lines, or replace my sub frame, axles, and front motor mount like I would need to if I converted to a manual transmission.

The main concern I have is I have heard that CVTs are generally pretty delicate as is and my engine is significantly more powerful than stock. The most powerful car this transmission came in is the Civic Ferio with the D17A engine (what I have) making 128 HP, and I have done some mods to mine to get it above 150 HP and I don't know that the CVT can handle that much power, it might slip the belt or something?

So my questions are:
1. Could this CVT reliably handle 20-30 HP more than stock?
2. How much could I expect my gas mileage to improve?
3. How would acceleration times compare to the stock 4 speed auto or a 5 speed manual? The CVT can hold the engine at its power peak for the best acceleration, but the manual trans is lighter and more efficient. I don't think this CVT is particularly efficient.

Thanks in advance, I am looking forward to hearing your opinions on this.

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