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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Here they are... So what you gain from a CVT is obvious, but how you drive will affect your returns. The CVT does not look a lot taller than the AT or the MT at freeway speeds.

Thanks. The gearing is taller than my 4th gear (0.71 with a 4:36 final drive).

The main benefits of a CVT would be:
1. Potentially better acceleration since it can hold the engine at peak power
2. More efficient acceleration since the RPM can be kept lower and it has no torque converter to slip
3. Lower cruising RPM. I would drop my RPM at 60 from around 2600 to 2200 if I get an HX, EU3, or Ferio CVT, which could possibly result in improved highway fuel efficiency but I'm not sure about that.

The HX CVT has a final drive of 5.81 with a gear range of 2.47 to 0.45. Same as the GX CVT but with a lower final drive.
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