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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Ok. I see. Wanna try something radical? There have been efforts to swap MTs across the seventh gen and sixth gen Civics. It seems like they can bolt up, which also means a 5th Gen CX/VX transmission possibly bolts to the seventh gen Civic. There would be more fabrication, including a work around the imobilizer, but the 5mt CX/VX trnamission has a 3.25 FD and a 0.710 5th gear. Tall!
I'm not interested in a ridiculously tall geared transmission either as that would negatively affect acceleration. I know that any D series transmission will fit any D series engine, so bolting it to the engine shouldn't be a problem. The mounts and the axles may be different though, not sure.

I don't have to worry about the immobilizer because my JDM ECU doesn't have one. Besides, just changing the transmission isn't going to affect the immobilizer.
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