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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Huh, I thunk you are right. I thought I had read over on about a guy swapping a D17 trans onto a D16 block and working around the immobiliser but now I can't find that problem cited. A 1996-00 HX would be next tallest with the 3.722 FD. Then maybe the DX/LX with like a 4.011 FD or something.

Definitiely, by rep, manual is more durable than the CVT. But maybe you'll not abuse it and maybe with maintenance it ain't so bad.
Maybe the CVT transmissions are just more delicate and don't tolerate abuse like ignoring the fluid for 200K miles or changing directions while moving. I don't know how reliable the CVT would be when driven and maintained correctly, but my opinion is that a lot of decent products get a bad reputation simply because they are owned by an idiot who abuses it or has unreasonable expectations and I wouldn't be surprised if that is the case with these CVTs as well. People complain about Honda autos all the time, but I got 243K miles out of mine before it failed, likely because it has been maintained correctly since it was new and has never been abused. Getting nearly 1/4 million miles out of a transmission isn't too bad IMO.
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