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Originally Posted by MeteorGray View Post
It's just that the VW group wanted to beat the world at it, even if they had to lie, cheat and steal to do it.
Believe me, they were not the only car manufacturer …

But nevertheless, they build some iconic diesel engines in the present past. It all started with naturally aspirated engines in the early 70's. VW took her 1471 cc gasoline engine and simply converted into a diesel engine. The first Golf diesel was born. Besides turbo charged diesel engines, VW made naturally aspirated ones until 2008.

The most iconic TDI's are:

Distribution injection pump
1989: 2.5 TDI: 5 cylinder with 118 hp and 200 lb.ft of torque. It gave the Audi 100 a top speed of 125 MPH and an average consumption of 40 MPG.
1991: 1.9 TDI: 4 cylinder with 89 hp and 140 lb.ft. The beginning of a succesfull 20-year carreer.

High pressure fuel injector
1998: 1.9 TDI: the new technology reduces consumption phenomally. The 1.4 TDI 3 cylinder was a derivative of that one and became the first Bluemotion engine. With power outputs from 69 hp to a massive 157 hp and 243 lb.ft they left all competitor behind in terms of power, consumption and reliability.
1999 1.2 TDI: most popular 3 cylinder diesel engine. Very progressive economy wonder for that time. Especially in the futuristic Audi A2 made of aluminum. They claimed 117 MPG.
2002: 5.0 TDI: a massive 10 cylinder engine with outputs from 300 to 350 hp and an incredible 627 of torque. This thing is truck worthy and it is found in the upper class cars like the Touareg, Pheaton
-> The largest TDI however was a 6.0 V12, only for the exclusive Audi Q7, producing an overwhelming 500 hp and 737

Common Rail
2009: 1.6 TDI: new 4 cylinder engine which formed the basis for the 0.8 TDI 2-cylinder (VW XL1) and the 1.2 TDI 3-cylinder (VW Polo Bluemotion) with power outputs from 47 hp to 118 hp and a consumption up to 230 MPG for the aerodynamic XL1.
2020 2.0 TDI evo:: perhaps the last diesel engine from VW. Always in combination with a 48-volt mild hybrid system. The exhaust gas of this engine should be purer than city air.

And to remain relevant to the topic: they all need a different style of driving, especially between the different injection techniques
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