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Rear kammback spoiler

apart from the air - dam, splitter, engine under tray, I think the modification I am most probably going to do as soon as possible is a rear kammback spoiler since hatchbacks notoriously suffer at that region

Fiesta STs or SESs have this spoiler (red car) which has a little upwards inclination and also two holes at the sides Im guessing so the turbulent air can escape (?)

The cheap/basic edition fiestas have the small spoiler (beige car) that does not reach far back but does follow the lines of the rest of the body

I have already purchased the small version, which I am thinking I should extend to 60% percent of the rear window size -I have read that somewhere- and will keep the lines of the roof in order to create a kammback

something like this

should I follow the body lines with caution or could I go for an even steeper angle of attack?

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