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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I can't speak for the HX CVT. I can speak for the Insight CVT, however.

-Generally speaking, an Insight CVT will get 55-60mpg where a manual would be getting 80+. Part of this is due to the manual having a higher top ratio.
-The CVT Insights purportedly have better acceleration down low, where the manual doesn't have many ratios to choose from. They're favored for autocross.
-The CVT is considerably heavier than the manual - something like 65lbs vs 180lbs
-The CVTs have a reputation for early failure. The manuals can last 500k+ miles, whereas it isn't unheard of to see Insight CVT failures before 150k even with 30k fluid changes, and a 250k mile CVT is a rare beast indeed. And, it isn't just one point of failure either.

This CVT is a contemporary to the HX's, being produced from 2000-2006. I would not buy a CVT Insight, if that helps.
That is good to know, thank you for the information! One reason I wanted to go with a CVT is that I can floor it at pretty much any speed and get maximum power. Unlike a manual, it holds the RPMs right at the power peak at full throttle, has a wide range of ratios, and still allows me to cruise down the highway at a low RPM.

With the EX 5 speed (the one I would probably go with) I would be at about 3200 RPM going 70, but I could drop that to around 3000 if I change the 5th gear to the DX/LX gears. With a CVT I could cruise at 2500 RPM going 70 and still have maximum power available at almost any speed.
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