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It's hard to keep up with everything happening in the World and you, OP. I was headed to the last thread to talk about water tunnels and ask about aluminum extrusions for vertical axis windmill airfoils.

So here it is. You speculate that the unlikely separation is due to the angle on the hood. Could it be that to optimize the air/water substitution, the overall fineness ratio might need to be 2 or 3X in the forward direction?

For prior art it's easier to point to the original source than a Pemalink within Ecododder.

Reducing Windnoise / Raingutter Fillers – Gerrelt's Garage

The airfoil has some built-in advantage as a cross-section. The scale might be no greater than the acoustic silencers.
(It came with a small vertical axis wind turbine I bought.)
I'm getting some new neighbors and I hope to rope them into helping put a windmill on an unused utility pole between us. I have a 25ft 1"hex bar for a vertical shaft and I would like a Savonius/Darrieus hybrid rotor at the top sized for a 1hp Fisher-Paykel washing machine motor (in hand) at the bottom for easy maintenance.

I'd though of 3-4" timber bamboo split into thirds and shaved into an airfoil green, then strapped into a spiral form to be carbonized. Thoughts?

edit: On the supposition that a vertical pole has a vibrational node at 2/3rd it's height, that's where I'd put a captive wheelbarrow wheel and tire as a vibration damper. Maybe you could suggest a tuned mass damper on the shaft below the bearing? The shaft is to store energy in torsion to overcome stiction.
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