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K-5 maybe the only K-car with Kamm's patented cooling system
[ears perk up] So what was that like?
Originally Posted by j-c-c
" Patterns of airflow don't change, but they way that they are measured, modeled and predicted has changed massively over time."

And that sums up best what will always be the one thing certain, I think.
That's why I like Computation Fluid Dynamics. Software has changed massively over time. Having a moving floor is possible in meatspace, having an undulating/textured moving floor is possible in CFD.

It pairs well with Generative Adversarial AI.
Two Minute Papers: This AI Does Nothing In Games…And Still Wins! AI Drives Innovators To Build Entirely New Semiconductors
Increasingly powerful computers arguing with each other about the ultimate design for a use case. It should be fun to watch.

Who controls the memes
Controls the Universe

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