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Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
Sorry, but I honestly can't make any sense of a lot of what you have written. So I'll take up just the one point.

If you wish, you can dismiss technical papers that don't agree with your premise that full wheel covers are always best for drag. You can even drag in odd statements about Paris dressmakers. I, however, like going on the evidence of peer-reviewed technical papers.

The current technical literature unambiguously shows that full wheel covers are not always best for low drag in road cars.

I don't like seeing people being given incorrect advice. It wastes their time, energy and enthusiasm.
The conclusions drawn in the peer-reviewed technical papers are contextual.I believe you touch on that in your book.I don't advocate driving with MOON covers,in light of brake cooling issues.I've done that and devolved to a porous cover which accommodates cooling air to the calipers and drums.
And on a case-specific-basis I'm okay with a messenger reporting on research of a specific vehicle, in light of all that vehicles design particulars.But that's as far as I'll go.
Automakers are beholden to the stylist.Aerodynamicists may be given a little latitude to best optimize a wheel cover as long as it's in keeping with the spirit of the stylists vision.It's true of any feature on a car.Some committee may accept the data from the wind tunnel,and then base a new car design solely on aesthetics.Volkwagen has a chance to sell a Cd 0.31 Golf/Rabbit in 1975,but couldn't because of contract constraints with Georgetto Giugiaro.We had to wait decades before we could get a Cd 0.31 VW,and thousands died in battle in the meantime,over the difference in oil to power those high-drag VWs. There's more at stake in aerodynamics than academic arguments.
I didn't give any advice that I know of without caveats.
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