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Originally Posted by stenson View Post
I think these Mexican installations could give cng conversions a bad name. They need to be done by certified installers (the above website certifies people as well).

It will be interesting to see how this alternative fuel thing plays out in the next year.
I highly doubt the Mexicans who are in MEXICO doing conversion for MEXICANS will give CNG a bad name, just like the Brazillians they have been installing CNG systems for many years, longer than we have in the US.

You should also note that many of the parts they use are identical to the ones used on certified versions in the US (some are actually thicker).

Given that Mexico has more installations than we do and Brazil has us beat by a long shot I would think they are probably giving it a better rep than the restrictive setups here in the states. How often do you hear of a CNG car blowing up in Mexico or Brazil for that matter?

If I could I would have one of my beaters converted in Mexico with the best components they have and install my own compressor here at home. I would be willing to take the risk if I had the resources to drive almost to central america without getting robbed and beat. Some of their systems are more flexable and impressive than what you can get here, they just aren't legal here.

I do NOT believe at all that CNG has to be as expensive as it is in the US, with volume I think the price could easily be dropped by at least a fourth even with the restrictive inspection scheduals, trouble is someone really big has to push for it. CNG is actually a VERY simple system, tanks should not be very expensive since they are just a metal cylinder, ditto on the carburator and lines. Its just shamefull how our country has to treat anything remotely outside the main stream.

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