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@ Jurgis:
You are right, pulse and glide is a much more efficient way. I try to maintain a driving style as normal and comfortable as possible with the least possible consumption. So yes I use the CC, but only when the road is as flat as a pool table.

Originally Posted by Jurgis View Post

Driving on hilly streets it is not so easy using the mentioned method because you will slow down blocking other cars and down the road speeding up to more than allowed. Not easy to find out the most efficient speed.

In hilly conditions I will make speed downhill and use that momentum to conquer the next slope. I often use a difference of 20 to 30 km/h With anticipation, I never have problems with other traffic with this. So it's possible that I start the descent at 90 km/h, during the descent I will accelerate up to 110 (or 120 km/h when it's a really long or steep descent) with a consumption of ~1.5l/100km. I will maintain that speed down the valley with a consumption of ~4,0l/100km and on the first part of the slope the speed will decrease back to 100 km/h. I will then push on the accelerator a bit more so my speed won't drop beneath 90 km/h. When I'm almost at the top I will release the accelerator slightly and this technique will start over again.
Bottomline: the engine only has to work on the second half of the slope, and then only for a relatively slow speed.
Skoda Fabia Estate R3 1.2 CRTDI
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