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Lookin' good!

I like hood vents myself.

I'm convinced that my batteries, belts, hoses and other heat-damageable things last longer when the intense engine bay heat is allowed to escape up and out of the engine bay.

In fact, I've installed hood louvers on my Mazda, Jeep and F250. I've measured the under-hood temps, and the louvers do allow the heat to dissipate much better and faster than a solid hood top.

Relative to fuel mileage, I have found the louvers do not affect that for better or for worse. But I am (obviously) convinced the vents are well worth the effort in other ways.

For those who like to keep the engine bay warmer in wintertime, it's no problem to keep the heat in by attaching a sheet of aluminum from underneath, using the same studs that hold the vents in place on the hood.
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