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Narrow LRR Tires For Project

Been playing around with a single seat or double seat inline high mpg car design and have been trying to find a good tire. I'm sure in a couple of years they will start releasing pretty cool choices. Here are some that I've considered:

135 SR15 Nanking. Too heavy, I think.

These are motorcycle sidecar tires that a guy on suggested. Pretty cool, 18-19" x 3.5-4". If these are viable the design parameters would be very different as it would allow for a much lighter vehicle- possibly under 600 lbs. Regular motorcycle tires would a great choice but the rounded tread is iffy.

Have seen these on a couple of prototype cars, probably experimental?

This is sort of what I was thinking- ultra light:

My thoughts are a little different: lower cg, aero body, canopy type top, electric or 20-40 hp? combustion motor, negative camber! I think the tires are bicycle cruisers or 29ers?

There appears to be two different types of vehicles developing.
One would weigh 300+ lbs., have an electric motor setup, with speeds up to 50+- mph. Limited range commuter.
Two would weigh 500-600 lbs. or more, have a higher speeds, combustion motor, good for long distances.

Any feedback is welcome.

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