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The first time that I saw a car with a central instrument cluster I wondered if they used the same dash worldwide, but decided for some reason that it was asymmetrical.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but I am sure the dash is the cheap part here. Even if they used different dashes for left-and right-hand-drive, and I am not saying they are, they would still save money by having it in the same place.

I just haven't seen another manufacturer to do that.

When I look for cars I either want to fix and sell them or replace one of my current cars. It is eight years newer than my Civic, but has the same mileage. Is there enough reason to replace a Honda with a Toyota? Newer sounds nice, even with the same mileage, but it is actually smaller, and I am sure that repairs are a little more complicated.

As I expected, it has the plastic engine cover and ignition coils, four bolts to remove the cover and four bolts to remove the ignition coils. Unplug the coils and remove the spark plugs.
Does it take an extra minute to remove eight bolts? Maybe. Not a big deal, but I am sure there are other complications. Will it require fewer repairs because it is eight years newer or a Toyota? I don't know. What really appeals to me is having a dealership in-town. When my alternator bolt broke I drove down to the valley, picked up the bolt from a dealership, and drove back. Seven hours for one $10 bolt just so that I did not wait a week. Another time I waited the week and paid $10 to ship a part that cost less than that. Then there were the times that I needed a part for my Civic as part of a larger repair--the head gasket or heater core--and waiting for the part delayed the whole thing.

Just as long as I can grab some free cookies when I pick up parts.

Of course, I know where to save with Honda parts. I would need to start over.

My Civic is rated 30/39 and I averaged 44. I was shamed into testing the compression because everyone said that I should be getting 60 and users have gotten that much without lean burn. I do not have any idea if replacing the head gasket improved compression. I should check after I replace the heater core.

The Yaris is rated 29/36 and says that it would cost an extra 1 to drive every five miles. I think that I have driven Chorizo 52,000 miles.

I always miss fuel logs.

By that math it would have cost me an extra $104 to fuel a Yaris, but I wouldn't have needed to replace the timing belt.

Based on user data, the Yaris gets 1.5% worse fuel economy, although they averaged my 44.6 in my Civic with the 36 - 41.4 of 7 other users. I do not have any idea who logged 24.9 in a Yaris, but 18 users reported 40 - 50.2 MPG.

I do not know how the Yaris compares with my Civic currently, but having a timing chain and a dealership in-town are important to me.

Yeti_Herd logged 47.82 in a 2007. I'mHurdlingThroughSpace! logged 54 and MRK reported 50.85 in 2009s and Berto88 logged 45.98 in a 2010.

There is definitely good potential for that, but how much money would I lose replacing the Civic? Maybe I talk the owner down to $2,000 and sell the Honda for $1,000?

Someone just posted a Focus ZX3 hatchback in Show Low on OfferUp. They are asking $1,550 and claim that it only has 121,000 miles. They say that it is the Kona edition and was kept in a garage, but the first picture shows some creases they say they picked up in a parking lot.

Wikipedia indicates the Kona was only available in 2000. Somehow I am more comfortable with a car the same year, but with 100,000 miles fewer, although I am less comfortable with Ford, but there is a dealership less than a mile from the house.

The manual was only rated 28/32, though.

I just happened to see that while checking prices of Civics. Of course I was unable to visit OfferUp without seeing an obvious scam.
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