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F Truck - '77 Ford F100 2x4, single cab, lwb
90 day: 8.75 mpg (US)

Bombodore - '98 Holden Commodore Exec Wagon
90 day: 21.35 mpg (US)

Civic - '93 Honda Civic GL
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Jim The Prius - '09 Toyota Prius
90 day: 36.66 mpg (US)
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Oh yeah I forgot to add, after getting home (in between the car registration and the paint job) I worked for a week, 10 minutes away from home in city traffic, while at work I left the car running all day every day to keep the radio on and returned a mind boggling 6.87L/100km, the idle efficiency of the Prius platform is amazing!

On the next road trip (after fitting the lights) I'd had a bit of time to get used to the car and improve my driving so beat the first road trip with a 5.04L/100km tank, I was extremely surprised at the difference drafting a truck or driving by myself made, i could quite easily get down to the low 4s at this point if i stuck to a truck the whole way (at 100kmh)

(Posted in 2020) 2009 Prius Off Road project:

(Posted in 2012) 1977 F100 Project:
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