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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
Maybe a fwd Jeep Patriot. Still I bet the stock 2wd Patriot beats tiny lift Prius. The Renegade is currently the least Jeep Jeep and it would certainly be better than that Prius.

Now combining the Prius with a Subaru drivetrain, you might get something. Now I have seen a Dodge Neon go places that would troll a Jeep, of course that was a rental and alcohol and momentum was involved. Getting it in yes, getting it back out, not so much.
I'm obviously never going to get the same performance off road as a real Jeep (or even my old Subaru) due to the lack of rear wheel drive but I'm confident I wont have trouble getting into or out of any of the campsites I'd like to use with this car.


Now that the outside is relatively together il move my attention to the inside, the next few mods were installed at random times during everything else but il put them all together into one post for ease of reading.

First the switches for the lights, the far left is for the big spotlights, the far right is for the daytime running lights, and the middle 2 are spares for now. You can also see my phone holder peeking out from under the steering wheel, it's just a steel L bracket that sticks to a magnet glued onto the back of my phone.

The next thing to go in was another switch (in the bottom right corner of the top glove box) that turns the radio on without the key in the ignition, this will be more useful later when I've upgraded to an aftermarket radio without all of the controls on the MFD screen. I also fitted a volt gauge that comes on with the same switch (or the key) this allows me to keep an eye on the 12v battery.

Moving to the other side of the top glove box I fitted 2 more switches, these are connected to the front speaker wiring and swap it from the factory door speakers to a pair of speak-on plugs that I can plug my external speakers into while camping, at parties or job sites.

There are also some of these plugs replacing the rear door speakers but I forgot to take a photo of that. The external speakers sound great and are quite loud even just running off the factory head unit.

There will be much more extensive audio upgrades later, but that's all for now.

(Posted in 2020) 2009 Prius Off Road project:

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