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Originally Posted by bobo333 View Post
I'm obviously never going to get the same performance off road as a real Jeep (or even my old Subaru) due to the lack of rear wheel drive but I'm confident I wont have trouble getting into or out of any of the campsites I'd like to use with this car.
Had you seen some places I've been in front-wheel drive econoboxes such as an Opel Corsa/Holden Barina and a Dacia Logan, you wouldn't be so skeptical about the lack of 4WD. By the way I guess you know what a CitroŽn 2CV is capable regarding off-road ability even though the majority of them is also FWD. On a sidenote, if you could get a differential locker (or something like the Quaife ATB differential) it would be enough to handle most situations for which proper 4WD/AWD would be overkill.
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