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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by COcyclist View Post
Diesel engines do not “warm up” while idling like a gasoline engine does. With no throttle plate the engine is drawing in the same amount of frigid air as the same size gasoline engine would at wide open throttle, while injecting very little fuel.
Some modern ones now feature a throttle-plate, even though it's for emissions compliance instead of cold-start concerns. On a sidenote, fitting an extra glowplug to the intake elbow of some older engines is also not unheard of.

Drive gently and even climb a hill if you need to get heat into the cabin.
Got me to remember the day a friend who was not so used to Diesel engines told me quite surprised about a bus driver who kept flooring the throttle pedal right after a cold start in order to raise the temperature quicker.
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