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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post

Here's a better looking version, that says it will be produced in 2010:
dealership-car: VW to produce 235mpg car for 2010

Plastic and magnesium (not carbon fiber like the prototype) and a 300cc engine, for 235mpg (not 283 of the prototype) -- produced in limited quantities.
This image dates back to July, 2007.
Preview: VW’s 235MPG project - MotorAuthority - Car news, reviews, spy shots
Carbon fiber would still make up the tub with a plastic body. I don't know where the magnesium goes, but you have no idea how expensive it is. $$$
$31K-47K (I expect closer to the higher number) is a lot for a car with a top speed of 72 mph. They're talking about adding hybrid technology to aid drivability and low end acceleration. They're asking a 300 cc engine to push a 660 lb (empty) vehicle. Aerodynamics aside, trying to accelerate an 800+ lb (w/driver) vehicle would take some serious help. Now add a lardass passenger like me. You'll time this thing with a calendar instead of a stopwatch. BTW, the hybrid will weigh even more.

This is the ultimate niche car that does only one thing really well: get great fuel mileage on flat ground at (barely) highway speeds. A fun exercise for the guys down at the prototype shop that got out of control.
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