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Thanks for the responses.

I would do an LS if i wasn't stuck on keeping my manual transmission, suddenly the engine becomes the cheapest part when you start adding in the cost for a conversion flywheel, new bell housing, new clutch, etc.... I am aware they are better engines in every way. I suppose it would increase the value of the car a bunch though. I'll recalculate the cost to convert it.

The stock MPFI is supposedly sequential injection. That said it only has a 4 tooth crank position sensor with the distributor for cam position... So i don't know how accurate that can possibly be.

GM TBI would be for sure the cheapest route if I junkyard all of the parts and maybe a megasquirt, that said i am seeing used FITechs now for about $700 or so, and some even have the timing control. I figure the extra cost might be worth it for the simplicity. I'd wager i can get the original MPFI up and running for around $200 or so, but a lot more time learning the software and how to flash the GM PCMs. I have a decent enough background in automotive wiring that the electrical doesn't scare me, software does.
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