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Not such a good...........

Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
Not such a good post. Starting to:

- use rules of thumb (eg wheel fairings can reduce drag by 70 per cent and then applying that figure to another body)

- make conceptual jumps from theory to real road cars (eg solar race cars are not practical road cars)

- develop strawman arguments (who said aerodynamics was a black art?).
It was Hucho who spoke to this issue on page 201. Goro Tamai simply provides some quanta which tends to support Hucho's thesis.
Since the 2013,Cambridge University CUER Eco Racer is a 'template' car,and incorporates a full suite of swept wheel fairings,it's Cd 0.11 represents the fruition of this line of investigation/technology transfer.
The CUER would make a fine production vehicle.
Much of popular automotive journalism espouses that aerodynamics falls within the realm of the 'black arts.' Fed by public relations men from U.S. automakers.
The 'conceptual leap' to Spirit allowed for up to 39.9-mpg,up from 26-mpg. This is why aerodynamicists publish. This is what the SAE exists for.
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