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sure is

Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Thanks. Here is an image of that CUER car. That sure is the template!

As for Hucho pages, I think your citation here answers the question, which was only about this post/thread. I will dig out my partial copy (photocopier edition) and see what I see.

Yes, it's very close. At the very back,just past the Perspex/Lucite/Lexan,whatever it is, fenestration for the PV array,there's just a touch of von Mises,reflex-camber,upsweep in the tail.I did this also on 'Baby', with a smidgeon of truncation,allowing for tail/stop lights and license plate. We know from Morelli's research of the 1976 CNR 'banana' Morreli body,that losing this portion is compensated for with the 'phantom' tail',and zero drag penalty.
PS Notice also,that nearly the entire belly of CUER is 'diffuser.' This is something Cybertruck will be able to incorporate,with it's all-wheel air-suspension.
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