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over a length

Originally Posted by aardvarcus View Post
Aerohead, thanks for all your feedback. I spent a bit of time crawling over the vehicle today with a tape measure. There is a bit more room than I had remembered at the start of the cargo area prior to the window to patch in some compound curve. Looks like at least 6 inches growing to 9. The cargo area is already tapered in with a minor amount of compound curve (.45 to .90 to 1.18 degrees) as you go back. I am contemplaing the angle to set the sides. Doing some overlays, i am considering aiming for 6 degrees right after the 6-9 inch transition. That results in the vechicle sloping from 76 inches down to approximately 60 inches over a lenght of 69 inches, pulled in 6.5 more inches per side from stock. This seems to reasonably align with a 4:1 streamline from a top view.

There really isnt a constraint on the angle i set provided it stays between 4.2 and 7.3 degrees, with rear widths between 64 and 57 inches for that range. Obviously this is a big project so I would like to squeeze out as much as possible.
There's a plan-view image of Cybertruck online. Tesla gave it 6-different widths, kind of a planar approximation of body side camber. From the rear of the rear door cut line, Cybertruck is boat-tailed to the end of the vault. Very much like what you're going after on Deep Blue. A great mod!
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