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Originally Posted by j-c-c View Post
... and a turning vane in many cases I believe does not have an inherent need for a typical airfoil wing crossection, as it by design has to add drag for little gain, when used symmetrically opposed vertically on the front of a vehicle.
I think you are underestimating the low drag of an aerofoil. A good example of equivalent drag of a circular rod and streamlined shape:

Even when producing lots of lift, the GOE222 aerofoil has drag that is tiny (around 1/70th of the lift force).

I haven't done comparative testing of the aerofoil Edgarwits against curved flat plates but I'd be surprised if drag was high.

(I did do comparative testing of an aerofoil section against a curved flat plate for A-pillar guide vanes, and the curved flat plates didn't work. The aerofoils did.)

But as I always say - I don't have a monopoly on testing. I'd love to see others try some external guide vanes (of whatever design) and report on their drag results.
Modifying the Aerodynamics of Your Road Car

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