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Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
Raining and a miserable day here, so out of interest I just went back to my aero textbooks and looked at what they had to say on the subject of lift.

Aerohead's theory is completely wrong, and even his favourite reference (Hucho, 1987) doesn't support his theory.

If anyone is interested, I can quote specifics from Katz, Barnard and Hucho. Barnard is the clearest.
I'd really prefer that you address lift in your own voice. So far,it appears that you have only a rudimentary understanding of lift issues. And I believe that you're unwilling to introspect and self-examine your 'belief' system.
My experience from the mechanical engineering curriculum exposed me to an understanding of fluid dynamics fundamentals which runs counter to some of your thesis. And I freely admit that I'm prejudiced towards, and defer to the expertise of career, PhD level aerodynamics investigators.
If you can scientifically argue against the body of empirical evidence,collected for going on a hundred years, I look forward to it.

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